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The School

The International Atlantic School is an absolutely innovative creation from the CELFF group.
IAS is not only a language school, but also a school that wants to be complete in its offer, demand and professionalism.
In addition to the usual training offer of annual language courses with international certifications, we also create a set of tailor-made courses capable of satisfying those who are searching for our type of services.
We want to stand out and be differentiated because of our quality!
We believe that the complexity and diversity of today's world requires new challenges to the education paradigm, which has to be reconfigured in order to respond to local, international and global markets and, above all, to the satisfaction of students as individuals who seek knowledge and seek training that guarantees them a place in those markets that are distinguished by their competitiveness.
The fact that, in Madeira, we are the only school offering a Cambridge International Curriculum, puts us at the forefront of training and guarantees all our potential students a certification that will place them in the most recognized international universities.
Based on the values of excellence, responsibility, innovation, freedom, reflection, demand and integrity, we want to create an environment conducive to personal and autonomous development, in a transversal exchange of knowledge and with a level of skills acquisition that allows the IAS student to strengthen critical and creative thinking in a collaborative and entrepreneurial dynamic.
We believe in this project! Come and learn about it!
Susana Caldeira - Pedagogical Director